Winter is upon us, which requires our fleets driving behavior to adjust. According to the folks at, more than 116,000 Americans are injured and over 1,300 killed every year on snowy, slushy or icy pavement. The associated costs of snowstorms to states is as much as $700 million per day in both direct and indirect costs if roads are impassable.

This means that our driver behavior must be amended to accommodate for snow and ice. Our friends via the AAA Exchange, recommend that acceleration and deceleration must slow, we must drive more slowly, ensure our brakes are in good working order, avoid stopping if possible, not power up hills and not stop going up a hill.

If you are managing a fleet, you want to adjust the number of rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, and speed infractions that you determine as normal driving, during these months of winter.

If you feel your drivers need a quick refresher to help manage their driving behaviors during the next few months, visit RMJ Tech’s new online driver training catalog to help.

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