For all of the good that telematics provides, there is a big pitfall. Telematics is set to grow to 14 million units (Fleet Owner) by 2019 in the United States. The benefits are clear and at this point there are two types of telematics users, those that ARE using them, and those that ARE GOING to use them. With the R.O.I. increasing and the prices of the devices bottoming out it just makes sense.

But, what about that big pitfall. Loads of data is coming in about the fleet every second of the day. It can become overwhelming for a fleet manager. Routing, fuel, maintenance, safety, and on and on! While some of this is becoming easier to mange through advances in software, there are areas that still lack assistance.

Alerts fly in constantly, “Posted speed violation, Harsh driving event, Harsh braking detected”. These alerts create two issues for the fleet manager and the company. The fleet manager has to address these alerts and thus far the only solutions from the telematics providers are to “provide data for coaching”. If the fleet manager is not addressing these issues this creates a problem for the company called willful negligence. That is the knowledge that you have drivers needing specific driver training based on the information the telematics devices are providing yet they are not doing so. In the event one of these drivers has a serious accident this would put the company in an uncomfortable position.

Fortunately solutions for willful negligence are emerging to assist fleet managers. Setting up automated driver training with the help of an LMS would be a start but that only helps address some of the issues. Another solid solution in Geotabs Marketplace, Predictive Coach, automates the assignment of courses but with a unique twist! They only send driver training courses that are relevant to each driver. When they speed too much, they get a course specific to speeding and all of their activity is tracked and stored to ensure the company has records of courses being completed. Best of all the courses can be taken from any device from anywhere. Drivers improve, organization is protected removing exposure to willful negligence.

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