My presence at Geotab Connect 2017 was a great view through the window of innovation within the realm of driver behavior and telematics. Driver behavior is influenced by a multitude of factors. As a result, numerous technologies have, and are being developed to assist in influencing better behavior. Multiple Geotab marketplace partners were on display to include Weather Telematics (the influence of predictive weather on driving), Pulsar Informatics (detection of driver fatigue), in-cab camera solutions, relevant-automated-driver training, and multiple others.

Although more and more solutions are being developed to increase vehicle/fleet efficiency and cost savings, you can find driver behavior improvement opportunities in nearly all of them. For example, if you are in the transportation or freight/deliver business, understanding weather forecasts and having them sent remotely ahead of time as you enter that geography is critical, especially if you’re tight for time. You would need to alter your route or simply accept the fact that your arrival time will be delayed and re-set the expectation of your customer. It does you no good to drive in a state of stress, negatively affecting your driving behavior and possibly causing an accident. Another example pertains to the number of accidents occurring due to distracted driving and the use of cell phones. Let’s face it, In-cab cameras help keep us honest and hopefully helps us remain attentive and not distracted while driving. Another by-product of camera systems is the ability for companies to exonerate good drivers and go after people attempting fraud. It’s know that company vehicles with a logo on their door are high risk targets for fraud. Camera footage clearly shows what really happened.

The list could go on and on. We simply need to look at how we can use technology in a way that helps us improve our driving behavior.

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